Have You Been Down The Rabbit Hole In Lansing, Iowa Known as Horsfall’s Variety Store?

Lansing, Iowa is where you will find Horsfall’s family-owned variety store, and it’s an experience you will talk about for months on end. When is the last time you stumbled upon a store that carried anything and everything under the rainbow? Allamakee County in NorthEastern Iowa is where this treasure can be found. I recently found myself exploring Allamakee County and the local folks took me into this fun shop along the main drag in Lansing. Here’s a quick tour of what this rabbit hole looks like!


When you plan a stop at Horsfall’s be sure you have cash. They do not take credit or debit cards. For simple reasons, cash wins on every visit. Horsfall’s Variety Store is packed with so much merchandise, that you will want to be sure that you have a pocket full of cash. Paul Horsfall has owned this store for more than 40 years and he knows that he has treasures for everyone.

Paul Horsfall


Hard work and the ability to manage money are two things that he feels have made him successful. He has been through many economic ups and downs over the years, which have kept him on his toes.

If you do have some mobility issues, you may want to take note. When you stroll through the aisles, you will notice that the aisles are very narrow.

Aisles In Horsfall's Variety Store

The good thing about this is the fact that Horsfall’s probably has what you are looking for. From masking tape to a birthday card, markers, scissors, cups, and anything else you can think of, they most likely have it on hand.


On my visit, I made note that they actually had handheld paper maps in stock. As many of you know, my summer has been filled with gps issues. A good old paper map is sure to work and Horsfall’s had them on hand. It’s truly a store of everything. If you cannot find it anywhere else, head here, they will most likely have it. And don’t forget to check out the tables outside, as there are many more treasures on them.

Horsfall Variety Store

If you are like me, you appreciate good old fashioned customer service. Horsfall’s Variety Store caters to their customers, as they carry everything. If you can’t find it in Horsfall’s, you most likely won’t find it anywhere around town.

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