The Iowa Find Of The Year: Little Swan Lake Winery- Bed and Breakfast

Little Swan Lake Winery with a Bed & Breakfast, may be the find of the year. I had no idea that this rustic adventure awaits guests, right outside of Estherville, Iowa. The view off the deck is sure to leave your jaw dropped. Here is where you can hang out and watch the buffalo roam. All of this can be found in Northwest Iowa.

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Little Swan Lake Winery

The vineyard offers cold-hardy grapes, on two acres of land. Owner Scott Benjamin shared his slice of Iowa paradise with us on a beautiful summer afternoon. Scott and his family own and operate this winery.

Located in a renovated grain elevator, surrounded in the beauty of Iowa and a buffalo herd. My summer has consisted of many buffalo, so it was no surprise that I would come across a herd here in North West Iowa. With more than 35 different wines, all produced on site and of course, buffalo meat your ultimate shopping adventure also awaits.

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 Bed and Breakfast

What really made this property stand out was the fact that this is also a bed and breakfast. The rooms each have their own appeal and offer a rustic getaway unlike anywhere else.

Buffalo Room Little Swan Lake Winery

Choose between the Swan Room, Buffalo Room and Lake Suite. In my opinion, guests can not go wrong with either option. Each room was unique with many features guests will talk about for years.

This property is also a hot spot for taking in events. A beautiful venue that features buffalo at each event, is a winner in my book.

Little Swan Lake Winery Venue

Musical groups perform as guests enjoy great Iowa conversation and good wine. With a schedule of something for everyone, plan your visit today. The beauty of this winery is the fact that you can spend an hour here, or spend a whole day. It’s up to you, the guest. The beauty of Iowa is all around you when you spend time with friends at this winery.

If you are looking for something a little different to do in Iowa, this is your place to go! The company is welcoming and the wine is sure to please your taste buds.

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