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Burgers Hot Off The Grill At The White Grill in Nevada, Missouri

There’s something to be said about a road trip and a burger hot off the grill. On a road trip from North Iowa to the Alabama Gulf Coast, we stumbled upon the White Grill in Nevada, Missouri. When traveling, we are usually looking for something different than what we can have on a daily basis at home. Some of the best food is found in what would be referred to as a dive.The White Grill has been in business since 1938, so we figured they must know a thing or two.

White GrillThe White Grill is not in a fancy setting. It provides a little bit of nostalgia and a taste of home cooked food. We ordered bacon cheese burgers and they were amazing! The beauty of what you order at the White Grill, is that you can watch them cook up your food.

White Grill grill

I don’t know about you, but anytime I can watch bacon cook in front of me, my taste buds start watering. The bacon cheeseburger, I had ordered, was just what I needed. I also realized after I had ordered french fries that I needed to order Suzies. Suzies are fresh cut potatoes and the serving size was HUGE!

White Grill burger

From burgers to tenderloins, The White Grill in Nevada, Missouri, offered a nice variety of what Mom says you should “not” eat. You will find all the goodness of anything you can imagine served up right in front of you, hot off of the grill.

The White Grill in Nevada, Missouri also served as a nice place for locals to gather. It was casual, cozy and comfortable. The restaurant itself was not very big. We also noticed that several orders were called in, as several folks ordered their food to go.

The next time you are traveling through the southwestern part of Missouri, make note and drive off the beaten path to the White Grill in Nevada, Missouri. When is the last time you stopped at a dive and found a meal that you want to run back for?




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3 thoughts on “Burgers Hot Off The Grill At The White Grill in Nevada, Missouri

  1. SaraB Post author

    It was one of those dives that rocked! Had everything- fun atmosphere and good home cooked food. Get it on your list!

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