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Travel Tips For Cruising Out Of Port Canaveral

One of the first things many people think of before they book a cruise is how they will get from Point A to Point B. Well, let me tell you, when you cruise out of Port Canaveral, Florida; the process can be a rather smooth one. We have cruised out of Port Canaveral twice in the past year, with much success!

leaving port canaveral


Many folks in the Mid-West have the opportunity to fly on Allegiant Airlines throughout several months of the year. We were able to book a flight out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and fly into Orlando Sanford International Airport. Airfare on Allegiant Airlines is very affordable.

Allegiant Airlines


There are not a lot of extra “amenities” on this airline, but they do offer great airfare! Carry on bags, as well as checked bags, do carry a fare. Be sure to pay ahead of time for your carry on and checked bags, as the fees increase at the airport.

We had lined up a shuttle service out of the Port Canaveral area, Happy Hour Shuttle. The day before we flew out, I received a personal phone call from the driver that would greet us at the airport. He made sure that my husband and I would know where to find him upon our arrival at Orlando Sanford International Airport. And I must tell you, this shuttle service was prompt and very helpful. We used them several times while in the Port Canaveral area, and I would highly recommend them.

Happy Hour Shuttle


We flew in one day before we cruised out of the Port on Carnival Cruise Lines. The night before and after we cruised, we stayed at the closest resort to Port Canaveral, Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort. Happy Hour Shuttle provided us shuttle service to and from our ship, right from the front doors of Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort. If you drive to Port Canaveral, Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort offers free parking when you stay with them before and after your cruise. With a laundromat on site, as well as rooms with a washer/dryer in them, this resort is the ideal place to stay before and after cruising. And did I mention, they have a water park, beach access, family friendly activities and much, much more? Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort is a resort you need to visit while in the Port Canaveral area, period.

Ron Jon Resort


Once our 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise came to an end, we called Happy Hour Shuttle to confirm that our ship was in port and then were instructed when to call them again. We called them as soon as we entered customs and they greeted us as we exited the cruise terminal. We were then transported back to Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort. I should note that Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort is a five minute car ride from the cruise terminal. How convenient is that?

We enjoyed the amenities that Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort had to offer as we washed our clothes, as we prepared ourselves for a week of fun at Walt Disney World Resort. We were able to rest up with a quiet night stay and met up with the folks of Happy Hour Shuttle first thing Sunday morning; who transported us over to Port Orleans French Quarter, Walt Disney World Resort.

Cruising out of Port Canaveral can seem like a challenge, especially if you have never done it before. It is proven, if you make the time to make some connections before you leave home and I can guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience. Allegiant Airlines, Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort and Happy Hour Shuttle made our cruising experience out of Port Canaveral a very positive experience.

*Disclosure: We were guests at Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort. We paid for our Carnival Cruise, Airfare, and our transportation costs.


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