Pella, Iowa

Pella, Iowa: Tulips And Chocolate


Pella, Iowa is referred to as, “America’s Dutch Treasure,” and is located 40 miles SouthEast of Des Moines. It is s a gem waiting for you to visit. On a recent road trip, I stopped in this quaint community for approximately 2 hours and am now planning a return visit. The tulips were not blooming, but they were a welcome shade of green.

Green Tulips Pella


Pella is home to the annual Tulip Festival that so many look forward to. The annual tulip festival runs May 2-4, 2019 and will include tulips, parades, Dutch Costumes and much more. If you need a reason to experience Spring in Iowa, Pella has what you are looking for. I have never been, but have heard many good things about this Iowa festival.


While strolling along Main Street, I came upon the Van Veen Chocolate Shop. Many of you know that it does not take much to pull me into a chocolate shop. I found some of the best handmade dutch chocolates on the planet. In fact, I loved the milk chocolate salted caramels so much, I brought a package home with me. These chocolate tulips were eye-catching and delicious. Isn’t this the best souvenir to celebrate the Pella Tulip Festival?

Pella Chocolate Tulips

To top it off, I had the best customer service from Matt. He and his wife own the family-run shop and know what it takes in building customer relationships. If chocolate is your thing, you need to stop here!


The state of Iowa’s, A To Z Foodie Trail runs right through Pella, and the Van Veen Chocolate Shop is on the list. Need a good cup of brew? Brew Coffee House has you covered, as well.

A ti Z Foodie Trail Iowa

Frisian Farms Cheese, located nearby in Leighton was also mentioned by locals during my visit. Are you into dutch letters? Jaarsma Bakery to the rescue, located at 727 Franklin Street in Pella.


I loved the fact that everything I wanted to see and do in Pella was within walking distance. Free parking lined the city streets, which is always enticing. In my short time in Pella, I could see that a foodie could spend an entire day eating their way through town. Culture enthusiasts will fall in love with Pella, as the Dutch people are waiting to show you their love of life.

Main Street Pella

From tulips to chocolate, Pella has it all! Arrive hungry to experience food, fun, culture, history, dancing, music and even a parade or two.

I was delighted to experience the Van Veen Chocolates, as they rank in my favorites. Here are some of my other favorite chocolate experiences.

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