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Unwind With The Sounds Of The Waves In Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Lying in bed listening to the waves crash along the shore in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is one of my all-time favorite things to do. It is relaxing, and it’s an opportunity to tune everything else out. By the time you are through reading this, I hope that you will be planning your visit. The BEST beaches in America are calling your name. Here are several ways you can listen to the waves of the Alabama Coastline. It’s easy to unwind with the sound of the waves in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Note: This post is a partnership with Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. As always, the opinions are my own. If you have followed me for quite some time, you know that this destination is my slice of paradise.

Sit On Your Balcony

When you stay in a condo in Gulf Shores, it’s easy to find one with a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. If you are on a work-cation or a vacation, you will find this- relaxing and fun. I don’t know about you, but anytime I can prop my laptop up with the sounds of the waves, it’s a successful get-a-way. Cozy couches, tables and chairs, and major relaxation are all on the balconies at Turquoise Place.


Gulf Shores



If you don’t want to work, hop in your private hot tub on your balcony at Turquoise Place by Spectrum Resorts. Soak in the hot tub with the jets on, and then turn them off. You can then unwind to the sound of the waves crashing alongshore.

Where to Stay In Gulf Shores & Orange Beach: Turquoise Place: Orange Beach

Rent A Beach Chair

Before your day begins, be sure you have rented a beach chair through Ike’s Beach Sevice. Once you roll out of bed, head down to the beach, and position yourself with a view of the Gulf. Bring your beach towel, book, sunscreen, smartphone, and sunglasses.


Gulf Shores Beaches



Sit on your beach chair and listen to the waves. The sound will soothe you, and within no time, you will be resting with your eyes closed. Your ears will be wide open as your eyes rest.

Build A Sandcastle

When you build a sandcastle with Sandcastle Universit, you are in a beautiful place along the shoreline. The sound of the waves in Gulf Shores is sure to inspire you as you build your sandcastle. Inspiration to build a sandcastle comes from within. When you can connect with the Gulf of Mexico, magical things will happen. The wooshing noise of the water in the sand can be heard as you build your masterpiece. Who knew that building a sandcastle could be so much fun and relaxing?


Sandcastle University



The beauty of building a sandcastle, the team of Sandcastle University comes to you!

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Lounging Inside Your Condo

Your condo unit will help you feel at home. If you want to stay indoors, open up the large sliding doors that lead to your private balcony. You will find it easy to unwind to the sound of the waves in Gulf Shores. Lounging inside may be kicking your feet up and watching tv, or it may be preparing a meal.


Gulf Shores


We all like to relax in different ways. The easiest way to shop while spending time along Alabama’s Coastline is to have the Beach Moms stock your condo before you arrive. The team of the Beach Moms is easy to work with. They will keep you informed, and if they have any questions about your order with them, they will personally reach out to you. That, my friends, is customer service!

Upon your arrival, carry your luggage into your bedroom and grab your favorite drink with a snack from the fridge. Let the team of the Beach Moms work for you. Belly up to the bar in your condo and indulge while listening to the waves crash along the shoreline; the incredible sound will come through the wide-open sliding doors that lead to the majestical views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Walk Along The Beach

A simple walk along the beach is a relaxing way to begin any vacation. If you have been traveling all day, wear a pair of sandals down to the beach. Once you arrive at the beach, there’s a nice place for you to place your sandals.


Gulf Shores


Place your sandals in a comfortable resting place and begin your walk along the beach. If you don’t enjoy fine, sugar sand slithering through your toes, leave your sandals on.

I see many people walking the beach with earbuds in their ears, and I often ask, “Why?” The best tip that I can give you is to leave your earbuds in your condo unit. The sound of the waves crashing along the coastline is music to my ears, and it will be to yours, as well.


Gulf shores


Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are ready for you. The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you don’t need a passport to visit. It’s easy to connect with nature with 32 miles of pristine beaches that you will find yourself planning a return visit before you leave for home. The sound of the waves in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are soothing and music to my ears. After all, it’s time to experience nature through the sounds that only she can produce.


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