3 Insights People Never Tell You About Road Trips

Road trips seem like the ultimate form of traveling freedom. A safe road trip is possible when you plan. As long as there’s a road, and it’s public, surely that’s all you need? Well, yes, and no of course. We have more needs than concrete or tarmac, so let’s hit the road in a safe style.

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That said, it’s true that road trips are relatively simple to plan. Simply make sure you have somewhere to sleep each night (this can be made even more convenient with camping gear, a caravan, or driving an RV). Make sure you have access to enough water and food. You will want to budget for your fuel, and possibly somewhere to shower. The best part of the American Road Trip, it can be as long or as short as you desire.


This is all true. But it’s important to note that despite all that, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected, and in many cases this means trying to learn the road trip insights that people will rarely tell you before you get started. But if they rarely tell you – how are you supposed to know what these are? Never fear, here’s what you need to know. After all, a safe road trip is what we want you to have.

Preparing The Vehicle Is Essential

You likely know that checking the tire pressure, the oil and water levels, and even having your vehicle serviced before heading out on your road trip is important. Car preparation can make sure a safe road trip lies ahead. But there are other things to consider also. Have you run a gas certification check to make sure all the appliances in your RV or caravan are working correctly? If you do own a newer RV, there are several recalls on them. It’s worth your time to give your RV dealer a phone call for safety reasons.

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Checking over the trailer connector to make sure it’s functioning safely is also important. Furthermore, check the brakes and turning lights. Give the car a deep clean all over so you know where everything is. If you spot a chip in your windshield, however small, have it repaired now. You never know what little thing could harm your safety on the roads.

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Store Your Vehicle Appropriately

It’s important to note that year-round, RV’s and caravans, as well as trailers, can just sit there in the absence of being used. This means that weather effects, thieves (such as those stealing catalytic converters) and a lack of maintenance can cause a real problem going forward. This is why it’s important to make sure you store your vehicle appropriately between uses, either on secure land or perhaps in a storage area design to hold it. For instance, you can click here to find dedicated RV storage. Here in the Midwest, it’s important to find enclosed storage when you are not using your RV. It will be protected from the sun, storms, and the brutal cold.

Don’t Drive For Too Long At A Time

Road trips aren’t entirely feasible for a long time if you only have one person driving the vehicle. Only one person driving for hours each day is going to become exhausting – there’s a reason that truck drivers are limited to many breaks and only a certain amount of hours worked a week.

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It can be tempting to shoulder this entire burden yourself, but be sure to share it with a friend if necessary. When you plan your drive time accordingly, a safe road trip will commence. You may need to add them to your temporary car insurance policy so that they’re fully covered, and only if you trust them as a driver. This is rarely spoken of because breaks and safety aren’t necessarily “cool” to talk about, but it’s the most important thing you could get right.

Bonus tip: Truck stops and well known gas stations, are your best bets for fuel.

With this advice, we hope you will enjoy your incredible road trip in a safer, smarter manner.

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