The Best Family Road Trips In The USA

There are plenty of family activities to do on the road. Pair these activities with the best family road trips in the USA, and you have yourself a winning combination. The best part is, there are plenty of incredible American road trips to partake in. So let’s take a look at some of the best ones that the USA has to offer. From California to the famous Route 66, we have something for everyone to do with the kids.

The Return Of The American Road Trip

Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles – Route 66

Between the Chicago skyscrapers and the palm trees of Los Angeles stretches the “Mother of All Roads.” The most talked-about road in America – Route 66. And the most famous road, in fact, no longer exists, at least not officially when in 1984 it was taken out of use. But don’t worry, you can still take the elusive route between big cities and skyscrapers, to dusty towns with family diners. Don’t forget your souvenirs as you drive this classic route.




You will find deserted motels between the Mississippi River, and the great plains of the deserts of New Mexico and Arizona.

Tips for Visiting Grand Canyon National Park & Route 66

As you continue on your route, You can travel down to the shimmering Pacific Ocean. This is a road trip celebrating the America of the 1920s and 1930s. Start your journey in the great Chicago, the ‘Ghost City’ and ‘the windy city’, one of the largest cities in America. Dedicate the time it deserves to visit its main sites. You will want to include the numerous museums and parks. Place the Willis Tower at the top of your list of things to see and do. The best family road trips in the USA, are the ones that you create.

Things To Do On Iowa I-80

The Pacific Coast from San Diego to Seattle – The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast Road, which stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border along the Pacific Ocean offers incredible views. This route is designed for lovers of nomadic adventurers, and in general for anyone who wants to embark on a dream trip on one of the most beautiful roads in the United States. This road winds between large and glittering cities, pastoral towns, and forgotten fishing villages. Make memories when you plan one of the best family road trips in the USA.




The Pacific Coast boasts spectacular sea views, bays teeming with animals, and redwood forests kissing the rocky shoreline. This is a road trip in America along with the western canopy. Begin your journey in San Diego, in Southern California, the city of the eternal sun. Visit Balboa Park Balboa Park with its fascinating museums, lawns, and the San Diego Zoo. Wander the fun streets of Gaslamp Quarter and surf the beaches of Mission Beach. As you travel north, the landscape changes and the beauty is unlike anything, anywhere on the planet.

Things To Do On Kansas I-70

Washington DC to San Francisco – Loneliest Road

This cross-American road begins near the Atlantic Ocean, climbs, and descends to mountain ranges like the Rocky Appalachians and the Sierra Nevada.


Nevada Road Trip


It crosses vast agricultural plains, and mighty deserts until it reaches the Pacific Ocean. On its way, it also passes through large cities, small towns, and forgotten villages. It got its name “the loneliest road in America” because in many parts of it you barely see any cars or people around! This may or may not be a good thing! This is a road trip in special America that crosses the great and least touristy plains and desolate deserts. California is an incredible place and San Francisco offers plenty to see too.

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