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The Best Things To Do In Medora, North Dakota

It’s no secret that I love the small town of Medora, North Dakota. If you have not visited Medora, place it at the top of your list of places to visit. This charming, authentic small western town will win you over as soon as you step foot on the ground. You can begin to plan your visit now, as I’m going to give you tips on how to get the most out of your visit. With many choices of things to do, you will find that Medora offers more than you ever imagined.

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Tips For Traveling I-94 In North Dakota

Medora sits along I-94 in western North Dakota, 25 miles from the Montana border. If you are traveling from the east, you have the opportunity to explore North Dakota. Bismarck offers an amazing art scene that you won’t want to miss. SE Montana is west of Medora and offers incredible scenery, a traveler’s dream come true. As you enter the town of Medora, you will see the charm of this award-winning western town. I am sharing my favorite things to do in Medora, so come along!

Winter In Medora

The Medora Musical & Steak Fondue

The Medora Musical is the longest-running outdoor musical in the country and is worth every moment. If you enjoy Americana, music of all genres, and a good old-fashioned stomping good time, you will love the Medora Musical. There is not a bad seat in the house, as the outdoor amphitheater has seating with fantastic views. For a different view of the musical, take the Medora Musical Backstage Tour.

Medora Musical Stage

The best way to kick off the musical is to enjoy a steak cooked on a pitchfork and dipped in butter. Experience the Pitchfork Steak Fondue before you enter the amphitheater with a view of the North Dakota Badlands. The Medora Musical and the Pitchfork Steak Fondue make for a perfect experience in Medora. Tip: The Pitchfork Steak Fondue and Medora Musical run seasonally – Mid -June through Mid -September.

Outdoor Adventure In Medora

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The South Unit entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in the town of Medora. Purchase an annual National Park Pass at the Theodore Roosevelt National park entrance if you do not have one. Enter the park for an epic experience in one of America’s top national parks. I’ve said many times, that Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the best national park for families. The bison, wild horses, and prairie dogs will keep you busy for hours.

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Camp in the national park for an outdoor experience you won’t forget.

We camped in a truck tent and enjoyed the peacefulness that Cottonwood Campground has to offer. As it came time to pack up, the wild horses passed a few feet from our campsite. Tip: Odd-numbered campsites are reservable from May through September. Campsites are first come, first served the remainder of the year.

Reasons To Visit Southeast Montana

Medora Riding Stables

Saddle up for a trail ride at the Medora Riding Stables, and experience the Badlands with a friendly trail guide.

Book a one-hour or two-hour trail ride for epic views of Medora and the Badlands of North Dakota. I recommend wearing a hat, long pants, and closed-toe shoes or boots. Tip: Trail rides typically run from the end of May through the first weekend in October.

Solo Road Tripping Across North Dakota

Harold Schafer Heritage Center

The Harold Schafer Heritage Center showcases the man behind Mr. Bubble and Medora. Stroll through the museum and learn how Harold Schafer became North Dakota’s most famous businessman.

The legacy that Harold Schafer left the town of Medora lives on through the many faces in Medora. Be sure to sit on the patio area behind the entrance, as the beautiful garden area offers you a place to unwind. Tip: The Harold Schafer Heritage Center is FREE to visit, and is open seasonally.

Chateau de Mores

The Chateau de Mores is a 26-room, two-story frame house built in 1883 and memorializes the life of the man behind the town name Medora.

This beautiful property became the summer residence of Antoine de Vallombrosa, the Marquis de Mores. He was an entrepreneur in the day, owning a stagecoach line, meat packing plant, refrigerated rail cars, rancher, and land owner. The town of Medora was named after the Marquis de Mores’ wife, Medora.

Explore the on-site museum focusing on the meat packing plant, stagecoach line, and refrigerated rail cars.

After you visit the museum, tour the house, which is well done and worth your time. Take in all of the views throughout the home, as the windows are the doorway to the majestic Badlands of North Dakota. Several different living history presentations are given over the summer months. Follow the Chateau De Mores Facebook Page for up-to-date events. It won’t take long for Medora, North Dakota, to win you over.Tip: Spend time on the porch, as the views are tremendous.

Little Missouri Saloon & Dining

The locals refer to the Little Missouri Saloon & Dining as “Little Mo.” You can enjoy a meal or two in this well loved establishment. Grab a seat on the outdoor deck and enjoy your view of the town. I’m a fan of the taco salad and the fried pickles. If you want a homemade fried pickle, Little Mo is where you want to be if you are craving a homemade fried pickle.

The Little Missouri Saloon & Dining also serves burgers, steaks, pizza, and a good time with live music often playing in the bar.

Hike With Teddy On The Point To Point Trail

Take a hike with Joe Wiegand, Medora’s own Theodore Roosevelt repriser.

Meet him at the Point to Point Trails Trailhead at 8 am. The view of Medora is incredible, and the experience is one you will want to tell all of your friends about.

Hiking with Teddy is seasonal and worth every step. Follow the Medora website for confirmed days and times. Tip: Dress for the weather and bring water.

Golf At Bully Pulpit

Swing a club or two and hit a few golf balls at Bully Pulpit Golf Course, Medora’s top 100 ranked public golf course. The views on Bully Pulpit are incredible as you meander through the woodlands and look over the North Dakota Badlands.

The Little Missouri River provides a backdrop for a few rounds, and quickly you rise above, over the course. I am not a serious golfer and golfed all 18 holes of this course. Don’t let the words “top golf course” and 18 holes scare you from golfing on this course. If I can do this, you can too!

The Von Hoffman House

The Von Hoffman House is an opportunity for you to stroll back to the 1880s. This historic home is on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can view original furniture and period furnishings in the Von Hoffman House. A docent will greet you and be available for questions during your visit. This home is open during the summer months in the heart of Medora. Tip: The Von Hoffman House is FREE to visit.

Lodging Options In Medora

You have several options when it comes to lodging in Medora. Camping under the stars in a truck tent may interest some folks, but if it’s not for you, there are options. Supposed you are looking for a cozy hotel with all of the amenities of home, including a hot breakfast and an indoor swimming pool. In that case, The AmericInn Medora is your best option, and BONUS, it’s open year-round.

Are you looking for a place to lay your head? Elkhorn Quarters is an excellent option during the season in Medora, June-September, as it will provide you with a clean place to stay.

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If you start with this list of things to do, you will have somewhere to begin. There are many, many other things to do in this town that hover around 100 people, making this a good place to start. Start planning your visit to Medora; you will be glad you did.

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